Management Structure
Crystal Group management structure is designed to bring the skills and experience of our executives to bear in the most efficient way possible.

Integrity :
We believe in simple and honest approach to everything we do.

We intend to excel in our performance and deliver exceptional value to our stakeholders.

Leadership & Management


CRYSTAL, is founded by Mr.Jayesh Rajnikanth Shah, in February of 1991.

He started with Crystal Forms Pvt Ltd. He was one of the first few entrepreneurs to start the Security and specialised printing focused only for Capital Markets, in India.  

In 1994, Trend Automation Pvt. Ltd, was set up.

Trend started out as a part of IT assistance for Crystal forms pvt ltd, to slowly grow into one of the best companies offering Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV), automation and security packages in Mumbai.

Having Trend deliver, security options to local societies and builders for over a decade, Mr.Jayesh Shah’s vision grew to incorporate the security within his own buildings.

On 6 October 2007, Mr. Jayesh Shah acquired Siddharsh Developers Pvt Ltd which was founded on
20 December, 2000.

Now making it a conglomerate of companies.

However, the enthusiasm of entrepreneurship continued and thus was the birth of Nisuk Logistics on 25 October, 2007.

Mr.Jayesh Shah and Umesh Sanghvi started Finlife Stock Broking in November 2008.